27 February 2020

A More Pacific Aspect [guest post by Edward Fox, 26 February 1873]

[From the New York Herald, 1873; story by Edward Fox]
hings appear to have a more pacific aspect to-day, as, after I returned yesterday, Messrs. … Shack Nasty Jim, Hawker Jim and Curly-Headed Jack rode into Fairchild’s, to have a big talk with the Klamath chief, Lalake. They had a talk this morning with the Peace Commissioners and General Canby, and appear anxious for peace.
Judge Rosborough and Elijah Steele are on their way from Yreka, and will probably arrive to-morrow.
The Peace Commissioners have not decided when they will hold their first meeting, but it will probably be on Friday or Saturday. Judge Rosborough will act on the Peace Commission, and Mr. Elijah Steele will be present as a friend of the Indians.
The sooner the meeting is held the better the chances for peace, as the Indians do not wish any delay. There will be no trouble, unless the Peace Commissioners insist upon claiming the Indians that killed the settlers on Lost River to be tried for murder. The three Modoc [men] returned to Captain Jack’s camp to-day.
The Peace Commissioners instructed these Indians to allow nobody to hold any communication with them unless they had a written order signed by them. They are very indignant at the Herald correspondent for having dared to furnish news and truth to the public with its coming through their hands.
The presence of Judge Rosborough and Elijah Steele will greatly facilitate the prospects of peace, as the Indians have confidence in them and will believe what they say.

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