02 February 2019

Shadow Article

 2 February 2019 is Candlemas. Also Groundhog Day. And World Wetlands Day. Seasonally it’s definitely winter here: overcast and wet. And snow is supposedly coming. Venus and Jupiter are both in Sagittarius, which probably suggests that to avoid disharmony and bad fortune it would be a good idea to get the fuck out of town. Quick, before Venus lurches into Capricorn and all bets are off.
I see that Dearborn mayor Jack O'Reilly has suppressed an article by Bill McGraw detailing Henry Ford’s well-known anti-Semitism; why is not obvious. I mean, Henry Ford made no attempt to keep it quiet—quite the contrary. He promoted it. It was a cause for him—keeping the Jews from taking over the world and all that. They didn’t tell us about that side of Ford in grade school—or even in our advanced high school class, come to think of it. I don’t know what Jack O’Reilly’s problem is—does he want people read the article? Is this his way of calling attention to it?

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