01 February 2019

Rent Day

 1 February 2019 is Imbolc—the traditional beginning of Spring. It is also National Freedom Day in the United States, commemorating the day Lincoln signed the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution, which when ratified would outlaw slavery. And it’s the beginning of Black History Month. The saint of the day is Brigid of Kildare, not to be confused with Bridget of Sweden, whose feast day is currently 23 July.
It’s also Rent Day—the day in which I gather together the money that will keep me and my dog warm and off the streets for another month. The alignment of various paydays this month made it less traumatic than some, but it still involved me physically going out and gathering the leafy green stuff together from various sources. Some jerk with an automobile honked at me for having the gall to be crossing a street (with the light, by the way) that he wanted to turn onto. Being a pedestrian I didn’t have a horn, but I do have a finger, and I used it accordingly.

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