11 June 2017

The Hospital Dream [2003]

[A dream recorded 11 June 2003]
 dreamed that I was going to have an operation of some kind—what exactly it was wasn’t specified in the dream. I think. For a big chunk of the dream I was scurrying around trying to borrow the first edition of Shakespeare’s Lives from the library before the operation began. The first edition was a reference work, but I thought I could persuade the library to lend it to me for a few days. My brother announced that he’d solved the problem, but the copy he’d got was the second edition. It was too late to do anything so I headed back to the hospital for the operation. I asked the physician (who seemed like a very nice guy) whether there would be much pain during the recovery process. He said that he didn’t think I should be worrying about that; it probably wouldn’t be a problem because there was very little chance that I would survive the operation anyway.

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