02 June 2017

Papias, Matthew, and Mark [2013]

[notes, 2 June 2013]
 was up for a bit in the morning, though I don’t quite recall the details. The main thing I remember is getting sidetracked [from taking notes on Jeremiah Jones’ book on the canon] still further into investigating Papias again to see if my position really holds water. I read a couple of articles I’d downloaded earlier and looked at the actual text. Nothing really changes my opinion that the works Papias refers to as by Matthew and Mark have no connection with our modern gospels of Matthew and Mark. His “Matthew” is a document in the “Hebrew” tongue, for example, where our Matthew is in Greek. His “Mark” is a small collection of Peter’s reminiscences of what Jesus said in did, not in order; ours is a complete document, highly ordered, with no obvious connection to Peter. The simplest explanation to my way of thinking is that Papias was not referring to our documents at all, but to some lost early documents of unknown content and purpose. Anyway, regardless of all this, I got tired somewhere in the dawn zone and retired, still mulling over the Papias situation.

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