04 June 2017

Reality Twisted [2003]

[3/4 June 2003]
nother fucked up day on the sleep front, and I don’t quite know when I really did wake up and actually get out of bed. I think I remember a bad dream somewhere in there, but I can’t recall it and it probably doesn’t matter anyway. Reality continues to be rather twisted. Sammy Sosa, baseball hero, is caught using a corked bat. Martha Stewart, lifestyle advisor, is indicted for insider trading (or rather for everything but insider trading). A court is soon to rule on whether the Federal Government can keep a defendant from calling a witness who could clear him on vague “national security” grounds—a witness that is in the custody of the Federal Government itself. And the defense of a man accused of murdering his pregnant wife is that she was really killed by Satanic cultists. Further comment is unnecessary.

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