26 February 2017

Personal Update: A Row of Yuccas

kay, things are screwed up here, and I ended up spending a long period of time today in front of a vacant building that has been constructed on the lot that my house stood on before the bank defrauded us and forced us to move out so that something productive could be built there. One of my former roommates had ordered a rather expensive item through Amazon—and forgot to update his account, and it is supposedly going to be delivered there.
As of this moment I don’t know what happened—whether it got delivered somewhere, or what exactly—but it didn’t get delivered there. It shouldn’t have, honestly; our old address no longer exists, and the multiple housing unit that is replacing it has multiple addresses—none of them ours. But anyway I ended up standing around there and being depressed. The only thing there from my administration—or, indeed, from any former administration—is the row of yuccas I planted many years ago in the parking strip, still apparently doing quite well. For the rest, it looks very much like a bad photoshop job, where the house I lived in for more than three decades has been removed and a gigantic portapotty pasted over it.
Still, mustn’t grumble I suppose.

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