12 February 2017

#1 The Stranger

The banshees howl, the mountains belch forth smoke
The lake retreats and the fishes die
The superior man takes notes and feeds his fire
Forget it.
No blame.
An unarmed man has no business on a battlefield.
The banshees howl, the outsider can only stand and watch. He has no understanding. The superior man takes notes and uses them to start a fire.
Fragments above, disorder below. The shadows unite. There is no hope.

Here the subject is surrounded by fragmented and meaningless events and perceptions. He cannot act, for he cannot affect the confusions; he cannot learn, for there is nothing for him to learn; he can only watch. In Gnostic mythology this is the fundamental state of all men. Taking part in the confusions surrounding the subject can only bring further illusions. No action is possible.

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