04 February 2017

A Slow Day in a Screwed-Up Week [1999]

[A passage from my journal, 4 February 1999]
9:56 pm PST—A slow day in a screwed-up week. Sleep has been a hard commodity to obtain these past few days. I was up to talk with my brother, and then got up again about noon, only to learn that my phone service has been switched to a godawfully expensive long-distance carrier. The wonders of deregulation. I got a letter out of the blue saying that if I didn’t respond within fifteen days of the date on the letter my service would be auto­matically switched to this outfit I never heard of—and the let­ter was dated 15 January. Yeah. Well, I was still taking this in when my brother came back through to say that he was sick, and he was taking his dog and going home. Well I spent the rest of the day calling these people and getting my calling-card turned off, and I found out that they’d only switched over as of the 2nd, so presumably I haven’t racked up too many calls at twenty-eight cents a minute when I thought I was spending ten. None, I hope. And to add to the nothing quality of the day Zephyr turned up with a limp; her left front paw isn’t working right. Crap.

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