08 January 2017

The Landlord and the Sharecroppers (guest post by Jesus of Nazareth)

 man planted a vineyard and put a hedge around it and dug a trough for the wine press and constructed a tower and rented it out to sharecroppers and took off. When the time came to get some of the vineyard’s produce from the sharecroppers he sent a slave out to them. They grabbed him and beat him and sent him off with nothing. Next he sent another slave; they beat him over his head and humiliated him. Then he sent another (they killed that one) and many others, some of whom they beat and some they killed. In addition he had one favorite son; he sent him at last to them saying that “They’ll respect my son.” But those sharecroppers said to each other that “This is the heir; come on, let’s kill him, and the estate will be ours.” So grabbing him they killed him and threw him out of the vineyard.

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