12 January 2017

Count Marko on the Generation Gap

n 12 January 1970 “Count Marko” wrote in the Columbian: “Young people today, and free-loading foundation-grant-grabbing adults, delight in perpetuating the myth that all of today’s problems with adolescents are the result of a ‘generation gap.’ As if there hasn’t always been a generation gap, no matter which centu­ry one researches. … Now, suddenly, when a parent forbids a son or daughter to do something, or go somewhere, it’s considered a ‘generation gap’ and a reason for the spoiled brats of today to have nervous breakdowns, or join roving bands of unwashed hip­pies. ... Without a generation gap civilization would come to a disastrous halt.”
[From a clipping I saved for some reason. I must admit the concept of the count doing research, especially research in another century, rather boggles the mind.]

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