11 July 2017

A Setback for America: Good Work, Trump

ell, the disastrous meeting with Putin should put paid to the notion that the grinning dunce we elected to be our nation’s leader is anything other than the grinning dunce he appears to be. Behind the idiot mask is, well, an idiot. The guy’s actually boasting about a cease-fire in Syria—the very thing Putin’s been playing us for to give his puppet a free hand at the expense of our allies. What a fucking joke. Does the guy not realize how badly Putin’s played him? Or has he been working to undermine America all along?
Mind you, a weakened America may be a good thing for the world for all I know. I don’t think so, but then as an American myself I’m biased. But one thing I’m sure of is that a weakened America is not good for America, and Trump’s foolish grin is no substitute for a strong foreign policy.

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