25 November 2014

“I Am Darren Wilson”

Lt. Ray Albers (from Wikipedia)

s the grand jury has finished up going through its appointed motions in the whitewashing of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy in Ferguson Missouri, officers throughout the United States have been proclaiming their solidarity with the killer cop by putting out the logo, “I am Darren Wilson.” It seems like an odd point of pride. Are they also confessing—perhaps boasting—of the unarmed civilians they’ve killed? Or announcing their intention of killing unarmed civilians in the future? Or asserting their right to open fire on random members of the public? Or what?
I’ve got to say that I’m not really interested in what was going through Darren Wilson’s mind at the time of the incident, or what exact events led up to it. I’m not interested in whether the victim was a strong-arm robber or a model college-bound student. I’ll leave it to others to wade through the thousand pages of whitewash produced by the world’s worst stage-conjurer. (I can see the wires, goddamn it!) I don’t care that the laws of Missouri apparently allow an officer to use lethal force to effect an arrest. This killing shouldn’t have happened. It is a law-enforcement failure.
The focus shouldn’t be on Darren Wilson at all. The focus should be on reforming the Missouri systems—legal and otherwise—that allowed things to come to this pass.

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