07 August 2007

Martyrs in the Military

We've been hearing, it seems, quite a bit in the media about self-proclaimed Christian martyr Gordon Klingenschmitt, but through Ed Brayton we learn about a real martyr in the military, an unnamed atheist who attempted to hold meetings with fellow freethinkers, only to have the meeting disrupted by a rabid fundamentalist major, who seemed to be suffering from the illusion that his job in the military was to spread his brand of Christianity--much like the (imaginary) John Birch Society police officer in MAD magazine, who thought that the job of the police was to fight Communism.

I hope--not that I have any confidence--that the American military will take swift action to discipline this major, and I hope the result will be that this clown receives a dishonorable discharge. There are problems enough with the military, without it becoming the stomping ground for radical Christian loons like the major--or like Gordon Klingenschmitt.

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daveawayfromhome said...

David Brin has been talking about this for a while now, that is, the takeover of the military by Christian fundamentalists. This is especially scary if those fundies also happen to be apocalyptophiles. Armageddon, anyone?

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