08 January 2006

I missed Epiphany, I see, and the Christmas season is safely behind us for another ten months or so, and work can go on once again without interruption. If work be on, can springs be far behind? Sometimes this mindscum thing works; sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, I've been busy the last couple of days on a self-appointed task of rectifying an injustice at Maxpages.com, which hosts my website on the Modoc War. A clique dominates the voting there, thus featuring the same sites month after month. (Don't worry if this doesn't make sense to you; it's not important.) In response I set up an index to feature sites that really are worth visiting, not just those of a small group. The trouble is, I have to actually look at all the sites on Maxpages, not just the ones I like.

In the process I stumbled on one I liked just for its subject matter alone--the site-owner Ashley has a paragraph there about her pet iguana, Iggy. Iggy was four years old in 2000, so I suppose he'd be about ten years old today, if he's still around. My iguana Ialdobaoth (Liz for short) lived just over twenty years, and Flora lived ten and a half years, so it's quite reasonable to suppose Iggy's still sunbathing and eating carrots and romaine lettuce. Liz was big on romaine lettuce as well, but Flora was partial to kale.

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