03 January 2006

Hold This Space

As is probably obvious, I made a New Year's resolution to actually write in this space daily, rather than thinking of things I should say some time and never getting them down. And of course already the daily thing is not working out.

Today got eaten up with many odd activities, and writing as such wasn't one of them. My niece, my grand-nephew and I went across the street to a local restaurant for breakfast, and ended up having lunch instead. I visited some with my nephew, whose work starts again today, and I talked on the phone with my brother, who is enjoying a vacation at the beach with his wife. All of this is important, you understand, but it all kind of got in the way of writing anything.

I had figured on sliding in something from the past to fill in the gaps, if and when this situation arose, but I don't have anything ready, so even that is out.

So for today, I guess, I'm going to post this piece of non-writing, so that at least technically I haven't fallen on my sword quite this early in the game. But I fully intend to be back tomorrow.

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