18 June 2021

18 June 12021

609,858   people are dead in the United States from the ongoing pandemic and we hear of frightening new variants appearing—not particularly reassuring for a successful termination of the catastrophe. We have, of course, Donald Trump and his little crew of defective magas to thank for the dismal results in our country, but some sort of termination looks to be in sight. Or so we can keep telling ourselves.

18 June 12021 is Autistic Pride Day. This is an observance supposedly proclaimed by people on the autistic spectrum themselves, and not some patronizing put-down by outsiders intent on eradicating the “disorder.” (I am not neurotypical myself, being unable to read social situations or even to recognize people if I meet them in unfamiliar contexts, and subject to anxiety or panic attacks when confronted with confusing or excessive stimuli.) It is also Human Rights Day (Azerbaijan), Foundation Day (Benguet), the King’s Mother’s Birthday (Cambodia), Constitution Day (Seychelles), and Waterloo Day (United Kingdom). In the United States it is a Federal day off for the newly proclaimed Juneteenth National Independence Day, now a Federal holiday. On various calendars of the world it is JD 2459384, 8 Tammuz 5781, 9 Satsuki 2681, 5 (O.S) or 18 (N.S.) June 2021, 11 Säne 2013, 28 Jyaishtha 1943, 11 Paoni 1737, and 8 Dhu al-Qadah 1442. And it’s Carolyn Wells’ birthday (11865), along with Paul McCartney’s and Roger Ebert’s (both 11942).

I am hoping to get the weblog back up and running again soon, but at the moment events associated with my having moved—under considerable stress—are slowing me down a bit. I may be out, but I’m not down, so please continue to watch this space.

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