05 June 2020

Test Entry Number 20206

nce again I will try a test entry, to see whether I can get things up and running again. I’ve had a frustrating time with this new Windows 10 machine, after having the ease and comfort of Linux for so many years. After fighting with the MS Edge browser for a week and its inexplicable fondness for the clunky Bing search engine I finally gave up and downloaded Firefox again, and I now feel much more like I’m at home and able to relax.
One thing I do not care for on this Windows 10 machine is the lack of familiar (and ad-free) games. I don’t like the cards (or the limited game choice) on the new solitaire collection, for one, and I’m not interested in investing time and money in elaborate games that let me build civilizations or the like. I just want a quick distraction from whatever project that’s suddenly too much for me at the moment. Give me Tetravex or a quick dice game, please. Or Scorpion.

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