01 March 2019

1 March 2019

 1 March 2019 is Employee Appreciation Day, Read Across America Day, and St. David’s Day. Locally it is I Can’t Pay the Rent Day—the day I try to figure out how in hell I can continue to afford to contribute my share towards a couch in a basement that periodically floods. At least I have my blankets for warmth. And my dog.
Elsewhere idiots are attacking part of the key infrastructure that keeps all humanity afloat—our ability to deal with microorganisms that interfere with our ability to function. Some incompetent anti-vax loon in Texas thinks that measles is no big deal because we have “antibiotics and that kind of stuff.” Apparently he doesn’t know that antibiotics do nothing to stop measles. Dumbass Bill Zedler—who is a state legislator—claims to have had measles when he was growing up and “as far as being sick in bed, it wasn’t anything like that.” Bullshit. I really did have measles as a kid, and I was flat on my back for over a week and then had to fight off another infection thanks to a weakened immune system. That’s what happens when you really do get measles and aren’t merely faking it. And people do die of measles right here in America, as Bill Zedler would know if he wasn’t just a lying sack of shit sounding off about things he knows nothing about. He’s no different from those gibbering assholes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are setting fire to Ebola clinics for some asshole political reason. I’m not a big proponent of the death penalty, but as far as I’m concerned such traitors to humanity—I’m specifically referring to Bill Zedler and his pro-Ebola allies—ought to be lined up and shot sans ceremony. Toleration is no virtue for these criminals.

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