08 December 2018

ATTN: Time-Travellers (2009)

[Originally posted 8 December 2009 here at Rational Rant.]
his is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day, in which the objective is to try to blend in unobtrusively with current customs and mores.  Some suggested activities include:
·         Greeting people by referring to phenomena of the past and future; some examples might be: “What spectrum will today’s broadcast be in?” or “Is this song available on 78?” or “Can you direct me to the nearest sleep deprivation chamber?”
·         Walking up to random people and asking them, “What year is this?” and on hearing their reply, muttering (after a moment’s pause), “Then there’s still time” before hurrying off.
·         Standing in front of a statue, falling to your knees, and yelling “Nooooo!”
·         Dressing in moderately anachronistic clothing and speaking in slang from varying decades.
This one really appeals to me; I think it was my father who used to suggest that one way of appreciating the mundane world was to imagine oneself as a time traveler experiencing the past (or future) for the first time. [8 Dc 2009]

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