01 January 2015

Eight Maids A-Milking

kay, it’s the eighth day of Christmas now (as well as the last day of Kwanzaa and Public Domain Day), and I imagine that everybody is pretty well Xmassed out. I don’t know that I am, since I never really got into the spirit of it this year, but, well, everything comes to an eventual end. We’ve got five days to go now before the end of this year’s whole extravaganza, and with luck I’ll still be covering it when the ax drops.
For my part I celebrated by dragging a thirty-pound sack of dogfood back from the store, and by weeding and sorting my collection of open documents and half-finished documents. And I put a few final touches to my 2014 journal and opened a new file for 2015 to kind of kick things off, if you know what I mean.
Today I’m just checking in here; I hope to resume writing on some topic or another in the nearby distant future. But for now, here’s a cartoon that amused me this past year:

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Anonymous said...

Nine Ladies Dancing next? onward. Love the cartoon-- it is likely truer than we suppose ... rfh

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