22 December 2014

Let Nothing You Dismay

hose tidings of comfort and joy keep rolling in this Yuletide. New York's finest ruin what ought to have been a solemn moment in remembrance of fallen comrades with a political display of childish petulance. In a similar tantrum North Korea seemingly has translated its objections to a film into cyberspace, and now finds itself embroiled in a cyberwar. Sixties icon Joe Cocker is no more. Fake-history purveyor David Barton threatens lawsuits against those who expose his historical errors.
I’d like to write about something joyous or at least comforting but the words stick in my fingers. There’s no joy this season, just empty promises of small comfort. I think I have a right to feel dismayed, thank you very much. Maybe I shouldn’t exercise that right, but the pickings are thin. Still, for those of you ladies and gentlemen who still can, God rest you merry, and with true love and brotherhood each other now embrace. ’Tis the season to be jolly after all.

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