02 September 2010

Autumntide, or, Faux Summer

And now we have entered the season I like to call Autumntide, the eighth of the year centered on the autumnal equinox. Faux Summer. Back-To-School-A-Thon. Not a favorite time of mine, but that’s only from ancient bad memories. It has a back to work feel to it, even now. The heat is gone, as it were, and there is a new, well, something anyway, to look forward to.

The weather is playing along with all this, having dropped from blazing sun to a damp cooler vibe, suitable for the new beginning. Oh, yeah, I know for all of you who started school on a quarter system this is still summer, but I never did. K-high school, Reed and Pitzer, the new school year’s always started right at the beginning of September. I should be over it, really, what with all the years that have gone by since the last time I set foot in a school, but the old rhythms remain.

Maybe I should move.

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Anonymous said...

In Colorado it's a top-notch season, bright air, color on the trees, bright reflections in the river. Wisps of early fog on the fields, the gold of dry stubble, , hay drying in shocks or bales, harvest season, great walks... But here in the Pacific NW the year grows soggy, and that doesn't lift the spirits, not even a child's lighter spirits, let alone the spirits having the weight of settled maturity. September was always promising to me-- only of late, too many people have died in it for it to be the golden and promising season it was. rfh

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