08 December 2009

Attention: Time Travelers

It is also possible that this is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day, in which the objective is to try to blend in unobtrusively with current customs and mores.  Some suggested activities include:
  • Greeting people by referring to phenomena of the past and future; some examples might be: “What spectrum will today’s broadcast be in?” or “Is this song available on 78?” or “Can you direct me to the nearest sleep deprivation chamber?”
  • Walking up to random people and asking them, “What year is this?” and on hearing their reply, muttering (after a moment’s pause), “Then there’s still time” before hurrying off.
  • Standing in front of a statue, falling to your knees, and yelling “Nooooo!
  • Dressing in moderately anachronistic clothing and speaking in slang from varying decades.
This one really appeals to me; I think it was my father who used to suggest that one way of appreciating the mundane world was to imagine oneself as a time traveler experiencing the past (or future) for the first time.

And much thanks to Dave Away from Home for this one.


Sherry said...

I've never been here before and have to admit that this is an odd and pretty amusing idea. I think I could manage the falling in front of a statue one - maybe, but then again maybe not. I am, after all, an ol' stick in the mud.

Anonymous said...

The what-year-is-this? one made me chuckle. I'd like to try it, and, who knows? maybe will do so. Good post!


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