01 November 2009

A Python in the House

Well, today's excitement is that we have a new household member—a Children's python named Solid Snake. Wikipedia tells me that Children's pythons come from Australia, but Solid came from Clackamas. He seems to be alert and lively, and he came with his own environment and food. Apparently he eats frozen mice, though where he finds them in the wild I'm not absolutely certain.

Well, fortunately Solid's not my python. He belongs to Tummler, a fellow householder and part-time boarder who's studying to be a veteran. Or maybe a veterinarian. It's late for me, and the words are blurring in front of my eyes and there's only so much that spell checking can accomplish.


Anonymous said...

Look and good wishes to Solid, and a long and happy life.

Anonymous said...

That should be LUCK!

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