28 July 2009

Writer's Blog

I can't think of anything to write about. I'm sure there are vital issues to rant about, or interesting historical footnotes to cover, or nostalgic rivers to cross. (As I'm about to attend my fortieth high school reunion, don't be surprised if there are more blasts from the past soon.) But right this moment my personal circuits are mostly overloaded by the heat. I have the lights out down here, trying to keep things as cool as possible, but it's still hotter than I find it comfortable to write in, and especially to do research in. There is air conditioning in the house, but not near my computer, so it's kind of a choice. To compute or to be comfortable, that is the question. And right now comfort is winning out.


Laelaps said...

I have felt the same way a lot recently. It is a lot of work to keep writing, especially when I am not sure of what to write about! Everyone needs some rest, though.

Anonymous said...

Summer doldrums, I think. Sorry about the heat--I know it is intense up your way. Be well! rfh

Anonymous said...

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