28 June 2009

Come to Church; You May Not Live to Regret It

[A transcript from a 1984 episode of the BBC radio show Radio Active]

Mike Flex: Well, Radio Active is expanding all the time and it’s soon to be opening up a new religious department which should be lots of fun. And the man in charge of all this, who’s popped in to spread the word, no doubt, is here now, the Right Reverend James Wright. Hi there, how are you doing?

Reverend Wright: Uh, very well, thank you.

Mike Flex: That’s great. Good news. So, Jim, tell me, how did it—how did it all start?

Reverend Wright: Sorry?

Mike Flex: How did it all start, this Christianity bit?

Reverend Wright: Well, I suppose it all started as you put it with the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior.

Mike Flex: Mm-hmm, so he was very much the inspiration behind the whole thing, was he? But of course like so many cult heroes his work wasn’t really appreciated during his lifetime, is this true?

Reverend Wright: Well, he had a small band of followers, his disciples.

Mike Flex: Yeah, but he didn’t receive the international acclaim you feel he deserved.

Reverend Wright: Look, this isn’t some sort of pop celebrity we’re talking about; this man was the moral and religious leader of the Christian movement.

Mike Flex: And of course in many ways that’s bigger, right? Now I read somewhere that he once fed a whole crowd of people with just five loaves and two fishes.

Reverend Wright: Well that’s the feeding of the five thousand.

Mike Flex: Right, right. Great, great. So—so—so is that something you now include in your act?

Reverend Wright: I don’t have an act, I’m a minister of the cloth.

Mike Flex: Oh, right, it’s sermons with you, right?

Reverend Wright: What?

Mike Flex: Okay, well, many thanks for popping in, Jim, and I take it you’re plugging this book here you brought, the books called the Bible, and it’s available in hardback and paperback priced—

Reverend Wright: Outrageous!

Mike Flex: Well it’s a bit expensive, evidently. Well, it looks like a damn good read. Lots of fun there. Okay, thanks Reverend Jim.

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rfh said...

Thanks, sbh, for this rich and attractive setting forth of the probable nature of the tale told on a golden (maybe gray?) afternoon ... by a story teller whose magic is still at work for several later generations. Very nice work! rfh

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