23 November 2006

The Giving of Thanks

It's Thanksgiving, but I'm not in the mood today. My back hurts, my leg hurts, and things are not working well. Still--

I'm thankful that Matthew LaClair recorded that New Jersey coach turned U. S. History teacher preaching in class, and I hope that some corrective action will be taken soon.

I'm thankful for my family--for my beloved niece Rachel, and for my amazing newphews Sage, Brandon, and Skye, and my mother Ruth and my step-father Fred, and my brothers Bryan and Greg, and for my sister-in-law Michelle, and for my nephew Sage's wife Carlee.

I'm thankful that the Democrats will control the House and Senate for the next two years--or at least that it looks that way now. (And I'm a Republican, god help us all.)

I'm thankful for the many and bizarre blessings that have come this year.

I am thankful that our dog Zephyr is still alive, and still very puppy-like in many ways, in spite of her advancing years.

I'm thankful that the world continues to turn.

I'm thankful that we're all (or many of us anyway) gathering together for one more year's worth of thanksgiving.

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